Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Day

We took a family trip today to our neighbor city to see a great concert and enjoy the beautiful day.
The Walker Art Center has fun events on the first Saturday of the month, and they're free!
Today we were able to see Elizabeth Mitchell and her amazing daughter Storey, shown here playing the apple-shaped ukulele.
We had a great time, singing along with our favorite songs, and learning some new ones.

The Younger spent a lot of time lying down on the floor, and the only reason I can think of to explain that behavior is that we used to play You are My Little Bird at bedtime, and it was a Pavlovian response.
After the concert, we went out and explored the grounds, climbed on some art, saw a giant glass fish, and the kids rolled down this hill for about 20 minutes.
All in all, a terrific day.

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  1. Crazy that we were both there and missed eachother. Would have been fun to play together again! Maybe some other time! (We were on the other side of the theater sitting right next to the Okey Dokey Brothers!)