Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yarn Along Wednesday

Its Wednesday again, and that means time for the Yarn Along!Thank you all, for your very kind words last week about my Etruscan Vest, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.
I'm still working on that this week, I finished the front on Sunday, and have the back about a third of the way up.
I got a little side-tracked yesterday when I started the little baby vest at the top of the photo. I wanted to see if I could finish a vest in a day, but I only finished one armhole, so today I have the other armhole and the neck to finish.

In book news, I am reading The Girl Who Played with Fire, and it is so good! I don't feel like I can do too much cheating on my knitting, so I haven't read much in the past day or so, but I am dying to know what happens next!

Visit Ginny to see other yarn along participants.
It's really fun to see what everyone is knitting, and I have found some good book recommendations too!


  1. A vest in a day (or most of a vest anyway!) I am impressed! I have heard good, good stuff about that book. Not sure about the violence in it though. I'm uber-sensitive about that kind of stuff. How did you feel about it?

  2. Hi Kerry!
    This book is really good, but also shockingly violent at times.
    The first one was even worse.
    I do find myself skimming the really gruesome parts.
    The story is quite intricate, and the payoff, for the first one at least, is very exciting.

  3. I read this books and the first over the summer and loved them both. Didn't want to put them down. Now I'm just waiting for the third to come out in paperback.