Friday, February 4, 2011

The Day-to-Day

(I found this post from mid-January which I had never successfully posted)

I was watching Before Sunrise the other day, and I realized that 1995, when the movie came out, was 16 years ago.
That is the year that my husband and I started dating, in fact we just had the anniversary of our first date on Tuesday.
At the beginning of the movie, when Jesse and Celine are still on the train, Jesse has this idea for a show where someone would film their entire day, and then the next day someone else would do the same and it would go on for a whole year eventually showing 365 different people doing whatever it is they do, every minute of every day.
Celine's response is incredulous, why would people want to watch the boring stuff that they're already doing?
I think they invented blogs that day.
Jesse's assertion was that there is beauty in the everyday boring stuff that we all do.
What a goal, to find that beauty in a cup of tea, or shoveling snow, or a pile of Christmas detritus.


  1. So true.
    Everyday routines are beautiful (except for the crying and puking). i will have to look for that movie. Happy Anniversary of your first date (a month late?).

  2. Really nice imagery, Jess.

    I should see that movie! That is an incredulous response; not being able to recognize beauty in the everyday.

    And, happy anniversary! We keep track of our 'dating' anniversary, also.