Friday, February 4, 2011


I don't really want to clean up the living room.
It has to be done.
I'll get to it soon.
But, first there is a desperately important project to do.
Fix this princess hat.
It was in the basement in a bin for about a year, and it was crushed all to hell, so why not take the morning and make a new one?

I started by carefully disassembling the sad, sad hat.Originally the hat was constructed from the cover to a large sketch pad. It worked wonderfully until it got all squished.
There weren't any more giant sketch pads to be had in the house, so I pulled a grocery bag from the recycling, dissected it, folded it in half to be sure of the size and laminated the halves together with elmers and a brayer.

After I cut it to the shape I needed, basically a slightly smaller version of the outside fabric, I dried the glue-y paper on the radiator.

Fast forward about 30 minutes, and I made my cone shape using some duct tape.
The train is some leftover fabric from my wedding dress.
Next, I hot-glued the outside fabric around the cone and added a ribbon at the edge.
There followed a lot of fiddling with the length of the elastic, since I didn't feel like actually measuring anything (don't judge me) and voila! Some really productive procrastinating! (Please forgive the blurry photo here, The Elder was already dressed as Laura Ingalls, and she didn't really want to play my model.)

What are you putting off today?


  1. Nice makeover! I love projects like that. There's something very satisfying about giving something a new lease of life. Well done you.

    X X

  2. actually it's funny you should mention it TODAY because i had been putting off cleaning for far too long & today i actually got around to starting it (will get back to finishing the cleaning very soon) ~ anyway, the cleaning HAD to get done (being a very cold winter, we are living indoors which of course means messier house)

  3. i'm putting off my latest project, which is a visual representation of the business requirements for providing seed potato production history. i am also avoiding updating the documentation for land emerging from CRP. 5 o'clock, where are you?!

  4. i put off the dishes and other stuff for most of the week but attacked it with a vengence last night. Hopefully I will get a bit more time this weekend to get to a few more projects.

    Nicely done on the princess hat. My eldest decided quite a while ago that she didn't like princesses anymore.

    Hope you get some cleaning done!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. This too cute and everyone needs a princess hat.

  6. This is lovely.
    We're currently watching Princess and the Frog and Lottie is wearing a princess hat like that and my daughter wanted me to make one. I felt like I'm not up for the challenge, but maybe I'll get inspired from your post ;)