Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yarn along

Rebecca was pushed to the side when I got Freedom in the mail this week.
It's the new selection for my book club and it is deeply engrossing.
Actually, if you wanted to know the plot, I don't know what it is yet, but the exposition is really interesting.
The knitting is a hat for my husband.
I needed something instantly gratifying after working on the mittens for so long. I just have to weave in that last end and it will be finished.
What are you knitting and reading today?
Head over to Ginny's to see what else is on the needles.


Sarah Jane said...

Read Freedom in the fall and saw him speak at Talking Volumes. The last 100 pages were my fave and he was a hoot!

Carol said...

Finishing projects always feels so good. Your husband should love this hat.

I'm still working on my shawl, but I'm on the border now. The end is in sight!

Swanski said...

Nice hat! I just finished one for my husband and it was nice to have a project done in two days!

house full of jays said...

Nice hat! Finishing and more finishing...satisfying but dull. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh I love when a new book arrives. Happy reading! The hat is great. Love a quick knit that is gratifying.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Meredith said...

it's great to get something finished, bravo!

Kerry said...

Ooh, I've heard great things about Freedom. Cute hat for the hubby!

affectioknit said...

Super cute hat! I love it!