Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love

I Love -
Craft Hope projects.
For their current project, #11!, they're asking people to put together birthing kits for Haitian midwives to bring to new mothers.
Half of the kit is intended for the midwife's use during delivery - gloves, soap, a clean piece of plastic for the mother to lie down on, etc., and the balance of the kit is for the new baby and mama.My craft group got together on a couple of evenings and made tote bags, blankets and dollies, and we were able to assemble 5 kits for this worthy cause.
My Elder helped me put the final items together this morning, and we sent our box off in the mail today.
The deadline for this project is March 1, so you still have time to join in and do some good!


  1. thanks for sharing this, i totally missed it, i really should be following the craft hope blog ~ shame on me. craft hope was my absolute favorite craft book of 2010, i'll be blogging about it this month :)

  2. Those are awesome...we do baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief...but they'll need this before the baby...

  3. This is so cool! I should be following their blog too so I can get in on the action earlier! How fun to work on a project like this with your group!

  4. jess...what a wonderful gift! and a great thing to do together as a group. *i love* this too!