Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Plants!

A neighbor down the street had a big pile of shrubs out on their boulevard with a sign -
Free Plants Please Take.
How could I resist?
Despite the coming storm, I pulled down our compost pile (we had planned on moving it anyway), dug some holes, mixed up some fertilizer and water and transplanted these babies this morning.
At first I thought they were all this fringe-y shrub that I recognized from the neighbor's yard, but then I realized that 2 were lilacs.
I love lilacs and I have always wanted a big yard-full of them.
As a bonus, I found this lilac that I had assumed dead, budding and beginning to leaf in the middle of my compost pile. I threw it in there at least 18 months ago, but the benefit of not turning your compost seems to be that the outer layers insulate the inner ones.
Now, hopefully, in the summer I won't have to look at that not-too-attractive chain link fence.


  1. I couldn't be any prouder of you my daughter!

  2. This is really wonderful~I am a voracious plant scavenger myself :) I might have you consider giving each of these, if they are lilacs, a bit more space between each other. They will grow tall and somewhat fast and give lots of suckers at the base which you can then gently dig up and plant! More lilacs. So lovely! But they might need more space~
    Happy spring to you!