Tuesday, January 7, 2014

8 Years Old

Look who turned 8 yesterday.
We had an unexpected day off from school, the temperatures are dangerously low around these parts, so The Younger enjoyed a leisurely day at home on his birthday.
My sweet, funny little man is more of a joy as each day passes.
One of our Christmas presents this year was a model of a man with removable organs.
This morning he had a riot of a time singing Wham's Christmas epic "Last Christmas" using different parts of our little plastic friend.
We had a great time rhyming different organs.
Liver - shiver
Intestines - suggestions
This year, I gave you my ear...
Happy Birthday, my little man.


  1. oh spleen! may little man glean!

    Happy Birthday mr. 8, be sure and cover that pate!!

    I shiver to see him in short sleeves, we are all wearing hats indoors just to keep our body heat in.

    So what do you think about tomorrow? I keep expecting another call from MPS as my readings here say -14 at 9:00 am...still no good.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I can't believe it's 8 already!