Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crafting On

The hat I made last week for The Youngest didn't quite fit her little noggin, so I made some adjustments this week.
The yarn I used is from the Aurora colorway of the Malabrigo Linen Stitch Scarf from The Yarnery.
The back of the hat was a little short and it stuck out, so I added a band around the base and gathered the very back to shape it.
 Then I sewed down the fringe (not all that beautifully, it must be admitted) to insulate the band. I also added a button to eliminate the need for ties.
It fits her better, and dang if it's not cute. 
Crafting along with Nicole this morning.


  1. Is that woven? If so, on what kind of loom??

  2. It's knitted with the linen stitch.
    Poky, but cute.

  3. Sweet hat! Love all the colors. What brand was the yarn?

  4. I have never used this stitch. Can't wait to look more into it. A perfect hat!

  5. cute AND makes a lovely pacifier. I do love that linen stitch! with your yarn choice it's stunning. also, all the changes you made really made this hat work! Way to go Jess (stay warm!! xx)