Monday, February 17, 2014

How I Spent My President's Day Vacation

Our favorite Zoo had a tropical day today.
There was a man playing Calypso music on the steel drums, sand art and a huge sand box inside.
It was such a joy to take off shoes and socks and get in there to build a few dozen sand castles. 
Baby, don't worry 'bout a thing. Every little thing gonna be alright.
The leftovers.
Every kid got a free pail and shovel, and we made good use of them.
Playing in the sand.
Sandy fingers.
Then we made our way around the tropics trail and Minnesota trail.
Astride the bronze tortoise.
We had a nutritious lunch.
Hot Dogs for lunch.
We even got some up close time with some of the wildlife.

Creeping up on the sparrow.
Oops. There it goes!
Hooray for the Zoo, and hooray for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, and hooray for my kids.

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  1. How did I not know about that! Sounds like such a blast!