Monday, February 3, 2014

Some Knitting and a Book Review

I sing in a 10-voice a capella group called Caritas Vocal Ensemble. Our mission is to put on benefit concerts for local non-profit groups which provide basic human services to the Twin Cities Area. So, if you're a part of a non-profit that provides food, clothing, shelter or healthcare to those in need, give us a call and we'll set up a concert for you next year. 
On Sunday, we're singing a Home Concert with a silent auction to support our own mission. 
Details here for local folks.
My contribution to the silent auction is this hat and cowl.
My first plan was to make the hat (from Rasta by Malabrigo) and then weave a coordinating scarf with Worsted Weight Malabrigo in a similar colorway. I thought it might take too much time, so I knitted this cowl with two strands held together. Now I wish I had just gotten another skein of the Rasta, but what's done is done.
To make this an all-purpose post, I'll also say that I read Free-Range Kids this week.
It was a good read. Her thesis is that the world is no less safe than when we were kids (and possibly more so given the fact that mental illness is better treated now than 20-25 years ago and since lead paint was outlawed the statistics for violent crimes have plummeted.) but that media is saturated with horrible images both real and fictional and we internalize what we see and imagine the worst in all scenarios. So, we see a boogeyman around every corner, and to protect our kids we keep them close.
Closer than any previous generation.
We're pretty low-key with the panic around here, though I will admit to an occasional freak-out, and we let our kids walk or bike to their friends' houses regularly.
With a 10 year-old in the house it won't be long before she's asking to go places on her own, and then we'll see the true test of how laid-back we really are.
Where do you all sit on the scale of Free-Range to Helicopter Parenting?


  1. Middle of the road here. Both of ours are driving now so we expect texts when they reach their destination and when they leave to head home. That way we know they arrived safe or when they leave. But never allowed them to roam too far on bikes, just neighborhood. And to think, I used to bike miles and never checked in with my parents as a youngster. Times do change.

  2. That set looks so cozy! We definitely fall more on the free-range side.

  3. Fabulous yarn! I've been using Malabrigo's Gruesa for some hand warmers - I love it, but have to scrounge because it's discontinued.

  4. Jess! A Minnesota blogger - hooray!! I hadn't heard of Free Range Parenting, I'll look for it. Malabrigo Rasta is one of my favorite yarns. Your hat and cowl look great.

  5. The hat and cowl do look cosy - Malabrigo is so beautiful. I agree with the author of Free Range Kids - the news is constantly saturated with fear and yet statistics bear out, over and over again, that children are at far greater risk in their own home, from their own parents then they are from strangers. The only thing that made us keep a closer eye on our daughter when she was little, then our parents had on us as children, is the enormous increase in traffic! Gosh, when I was little (in the 1970s) there were so few cars in our streets - now, the traffic is constant, heavy, fast and so many drivers doing such dumb things. Hope your fund raiser is a success!

  6. Lily Boot - I agree about the traffic.
    That's my main concern when I let the kids out the door.
    Luckily we live in a really quiet neighborhood.