Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yarn Along, a little late

This morning my children were bickering (not an unusual occurrence) and I was a little taken aback by the subject.
"You got to wear the good pair of mittens yesterday!"

They have been alternating between wearing my mittens and a mismatched pair from past class samples.
That's right, the children of the knitting teacher only have one good pair of mittens between them, and they belong to me.
So this afternoon I cast on these mittens for The Younger.
He has a red coat, and I had some red yarn, so it was kismet.
I used Eco + doubled and knit these on size 11s.
I highly recommend making mittens for kids, instant gratification at its best.

Now to choose some yarn for The Elder.
Joining Ginny for Yarn Along, and Nicole for KCCO.
Happy Knitting!


  1. I had to lol at this post. My poor kids are the same, mama never seems to stop knitting but they hardly have anything handknit.

    I love these mittens. Is is your own pattern?

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  3. Thanks Christina,
    Yes, I made these up.
    The Younger wore them today, let's hope he comes home with both ;)

  4. Jealous! My girls never fight over my knitting. Cute mitts

  5. delightful!
    and I imagine extremely fast!
    Isn't it wonderful they were arguing about wearing hand knits!