Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snowy Evening

I should be at work teaching a beginning knitting class, but the shop closed early due to a giant super snow storm.
So, instead, I'll be finishing up a project that I started on Saturday.
I dug into my yarn stash and found some lovely aqua wool to weave a piece of fabric, which I then felted a little in the washing machine.
 Next I found a coordinating fabric in the fabric stash
then I did a little measuring and a little cutting and a little sewing and came up with this
It's lined with the floral fabric, you'll just have to believe me, since I didn't get a photo.
Now all that remains is to finish weaving the strap, and I'll be done!
It's a gift, and I'll say more about that later.

I can use some down time because, as I said, it is really coming down out there, and I just spent about 2 hours moving some serious snow out of our parking pad.
The kids made some good use of the giant chunks that I was able to dig up (with some lovely help from my neighbor.)
They had a plan of putting a roof on this, though they lost interest after about an hour, maybe tomorrow.
The best discovery of the day? A pitchfork is a very useful tool for getting up the snowpack.

I think I'm gonna take a break from the Olympics tonight and settle in with a glass of wine and House of Cards Season 2. (I was going to link to it, but there are too many spoilers out there in the Google, and I want to be surprised)
I hope all out there are cozy and warm, and curled up with a fun project!


  1. I'm right there with you, enough of the snow. I was glad to finally see a bit of my patio after we had some milder temps this weekend but there is still plenty more snow. Love the little bag!

  2. We have had a tonne of snow this winter! Spring can not come too soon for my liking! I love the bag and the colour somehow makes me think of Spring!

  3. Thank you so much! It is beautiful. I kept looking at it and thinking "This isn't knit, it is WOVEN!" I'm so impressed, I love it! (and the treats are lovely, too) :)