Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lunch bag

Some may call this jumping the gun, but I call it being prepared.
The Elder Hug-a-Bug will be in full day kindergarten in the fall and she will eat lunch at school.
I don't relish the idea of buying school lunch every day, so I made her a cool lunch bag to entice her to bring her lunch.

She is just learning piano, and she really loves it, so when I saw this awesome fabric at Treadle, I knew what had to happen. Honestly, I was powerless against it.
Look at the little animals, they are singing and playing piano and there are sweet phrases all over.

This pattern is from Sewing Green by Betz White.
The bag is lined in vinyl-coated cotton for easy cleaning, and it comes together really fast.

When she saw it finished, she said "I want to try it out!"

So, it looks like it's pb&h and an apple for dinner tonight.


  1. Nice fabric choices! Would you mind adding this last shot to the Sewing Green Flickr group? I like seeing it finished plus it's such a sweet shot. :)

  2. I love the lunchbag!! Awesome.

  3. That's the cutest bag I have ever seen!

    I don't do hot lunches for my kids either, they are gross, too fatty and so they have fun helping me (sometimes!) make their lunches.

    I wish I could make something like that!

  4. That is very cute! I love the fabric, too.