Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tra La

How do I love May!
The official start of the gardening season!

I decided that this was the year to take the only part of our yard that gets any sun and turn it into a veggie/herb/berry patch.

I spent most of the day moving the grass from here
(This Robin was pretty jazzed about all of the worms I was bringing up)
To here
This part of the yard is one of the shadier places, and we haven't had much luck with grass seed.
Most of the transplanted stuff is Creeping Charlie, or Charlie Creepers as the Hug-a-Bugs say, and I wonder if it will work better here than the seed. (I know, it's a weed, but I like it. No maintenance and there are pretty purple flowers)
If the transplant doesn't work we don't lose much since it was just a big patch of dirt before anyway.

Here is a before from last summer. And here is the after.Note that the Cozy Coupe is in the same 'time out' place, having caused one too many disagreements.

So far I have planted onions, tomatoes and some herbs.
I didn't do any veggies or herbs last year and I really missed running out to the garden for fresh thyme or basil.

I am off to read some gardening books,
I hope that you have had spectacular weather today too!


  1. Looks good! Good luck!

    (shutter sisters)

  2. hooray for may!

    oh man, i have so much charlie creepers in my back yard. i've given up, as i no longer wish to put chemicals on my lawn. i must learn to like it like you!

    hope your garden is bountiful!

  3. Oh, you and I could talk circles around the perils of trying to grow grass for sure! My backyard is a lost cause for grass - I have one nice patch back by the garage, and the rest of it is hopeless. I just plant lots of pots of colorful annuals and call it a day. Good luck with the veggies - fun!

  4. I do love your little red wagon, it is just adorable!!