Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a day

Today I had a rare Sunday afternoon off.
My lovely husband took the opportunity to plan a family outing to the woods.
Our destination was William O'Brien State Park, about an hour north of Saint Paul, and it was beautiful there.
There were well-maintained trails, and we saw 3 caterpillars, the kids were ecstatic.
The columbine are in bloom, and they were everywhereThere is a small lake to the side of the Saint Croix river where the kids took a little dip.
Next time we will remember to bring swim suits.
Truly a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day :)

  2. Looks wonderful. Happy family times. I live in a town with lots of recreational space, woods, parks, lakes and a river running through the town. We often took our boys out for a romp in the fresh air when they were little. Infact, it was a hot day here on sunday and No.2 (15yrs) came home after a day by the river looking like a swamp monster! He smelled like one too!

    Best wishes. X

  3. I bet that was a great day - we love to spend time walking around the local parks. We'll have to check that one out!

  4. It looks gorgeous! My kid's favorite activity is hiking in the woods.