Monday, June 1, 2009

Friday night in the woods

I spent Friday night this weekend away with my friends in Caritas.
We drove up to Cambridge, MN to have dinner and then on to ARC retreat center.
I was advised to leave quite early due to the Northbound Cabin Traffic, so I did, and I got to Cambridge an hour before the rest of my group.
I wandered around, went into my first Ben Franklin, saw some cool signs (o.k. this last one isn't a sign, I just loved the textures in the stone.)

and finally met my friends for some great food.
Then we went up to ARC.
It's back, back, I'm talking about way back in the woods.

I found this beautiful abandoned house along the gravel road that we traveled to get there.
We made S'Mores, played some fun games, and in the morning we had walks on the grounds, and talked about our group's future.
I wish I had been able to spend more time there, it was really lovely, but I had to rush back to Saint Paul to go to work.


  1. wow, the signage is worth the drive! sounds like a great weekend...

  2. YAY Ben Franklin! I miss that store, in a sad nostalgic kind of way.

    you are the signage queen. Hope the retreat was productive!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I love the photos. Sounds like an amazing retreat.