Thursday, June 11, 2009


It must be summer, because I have been sewing up a storm lately.
I finished up this shirt this morning. I am not too sure about the fit. It's kind of boxy, but I like the puffy little sleeves, and the bow.
I am going to wear it for a day and see how I feel about it after that.
The new Siobhan is getting some attention as well. I put her face on the other day, and I think this is the hair that we're going with.
I have to attach it and then I think she'll get some braids.
I have a lot more stuff in the sewing queue as well.
Clothes for Siobhan, a new shirt for the Younger Hug-a-Bug, some skirts for the Elder Hug-a-Bug, and probably shorts for both of them.

Moving on, the weather is finally nice outside so we are going on a field trip tomorrow.
Hopefully there will be lots of pictures and I will tell you all about it.


  1. Hey, I think I saw you wearing that at the store tonight. If that was the shirt you were wearing at the store tonight, you should know that when I glanced up and saw you I thought to myself "That is a really cute shirt Jess is wearing." And it looks pretty cute in the photo, too. I'm telling the truth!

  2. Thanks Shelly, I would never doubt your veracity.

  3. Hey Jess, that's a very cute shirt! And Siobhan is looking great, too. I've been in a total sewing mood, too; must be the change in seasons or something...