Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Caving, But On My Terms

As we were gathering our school supplies a couple of weeks ago the kids both asked if I would just buy them a backpack this year instead of making one.
After a look at the options at Target (cheaply made, ugly, plastic-that-probably-was-full-of lead) I said no, but I would make them new ones this year if they really didn't want to use the ones they already had, and they could choose the design.
The Elder had her heart set on a Hello Kitty messenger bag, (like this one, if I remember correctly) so I said that I would make one for her.
As she was getting ready for Pre-K 3 years ago, I made her first backpack as a reaction against the pervasive character and princess stuff out there. I have officially caved in, but I'm going to try to make it unique anyway.

So, I printed out a picture of Hello Kitty, traced it onto wonder under and assembled the pieces for the messenger bag.

There is still a lot to be done as far as construction, but I've made a good start, and I hope that this project will both fill her need for a character and my need for home-made.
Are you all stronger than I am? or do you cave in to your children's demands too?


  1. I think you made a great compromise--I hate all the commercial/"princess" stuff out there, too, but Hello Kitty is pretty cute, and doesn't seem quite so bad! Kudos to you for making their bags, too!

  2. I totally cave. But next year, I might see about ordering a bag from you instead of buying one. :)

  3. I prefer your version ~ it is so ADORABLE !!

  4. It's so cute! I definitely cave. In the end I feel like it doesn't matter too much. I struggled for a few years with the princess thing, though. I have a much more difficult time swallowing the princess obsession than the transformer obsession. (You can take the woman out of St. Kate's but you can't take St. Kate's out of the woman.)

  5. Ah, it's cute. My feeling is that can have opinions on their things and can chose, but I can inform them why it's bad!:)

  6. I think you're doing a great job on the bag. Very cute.

    I bought a really good back from an outdoor outfitter for my son last year (my brother and I had these bags when we were young) and he wore a hole in the bottom by the end of the year! I was so mad (at the product). This year I went with a company out of NC where I had my bag from when I was in high school (and Chase's diaper bag came from 10 years ago). They're a great made in the USA product.

  7. It never occured to me to make a backpack plus when my kids were that age, i did not sew that well. However, now that my youngests are both 11 they have come to the point were they value the homemade or the bought. I love that you did not sets a great example.