Thursday, August 18, 2011

Early Morning Project

I love the fit of this brown t-shirt, and it matches a favorite dress of mine.
Unfortunately the front is full of paint stains.
Should I have thought about how well I like this shirt before I painted my kitchen while wearing it? Yes.
In any case, the shirt has paint on it, and I don't like to wear it out in public.
This morning I was trying it on and I thought I'd try painting on it with bleach.
It couldn't make the shirt worse, and it had the potential to make it a little better.
So I grabbed a paintbrush from the kids' art box, poured a little bleach into a jar, slid some junk mail between the layers of the shirt and began.
I did a little sketch in a notebook and then painted on the shirt freehand.

The worst stain was on the bottom and it was a tannish yellow color so the bleach covered it up perfectly.
The bleach wasn't entirely predictable, sometimes it bled and others it didn't.
I need to get one of those bleach pens that I have heard tell of and try this again.
I am washing it now, so I'm still not quite sure that my experiment will work out, but it was a fun thing to do and it took 20 minutes.
Yet another problem that I lived with for 3 years that took 20 minutes to fix.
Darn my procrastination.
What's on your list of things to do today?

Update - It worked!


Emily said...

What a great idea!

Natalie said...

Goodness! I could do this all day, with the sad state of my wardrobe!
Let us know what happens after the first wash... I may be giving this a try.

nest full of eggs said...

great way to extend the use of clothing, well done !

Nancy said...

Love it! You are one crafty gal.

Anonymous said...

so cool. wonder if using a bleach pen would give you the same free-wheeling and relaxed look as a brush.


A Day That is Dessert said...

Wow - beautiful!! Very creative approach to such a frustrating problem. (I, too, have ruined more than one piece of clothing while painting/cleaning/etc in it...)

Jess said...

Thanks all! You all make my day!
This week I plan to get one of those bleach gel pens and have a go at some fabric in my stash.
Thanks for being so supportive!

Natalie said...

And cute skirt too!
Very cool save.