Thursday, August 11, 2011

I So Want to Try This!


  1. !!!?
    Is there a second part? I couldn't decided if she was serious, and now I seriously want to know more! How will she clean it? How much do those supplies cost? What's gonna happen when kitty gets her paws on it? lol
    If you do attempt this, please keep us posted!

  2. & when you're done can i please borrow your jumbo knitting needles ?
    i so want to try this, too...

    now that's what i call knitting for a giant :)

    i would have this as a couch blanket

    i'm wondering how much roving is used & how much it would cost to make? or maybe i'd make it out of really thick rope, like it shows here:

    the video was interesting & funny ~ thanks for sharing

  3. Wow! Imagine the muscle strength being built up by knitting like that!

  4. Hilarious! How cool would that be! The whole prepping the roving scares me.

  5. I immediately started laughing out loud at work when I saw this!! That is AWESOME!

  6. I love it! But can't knit unfortunately. I can crochet though, hmmmm.......