Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yarn Along

Hey friends, it's Yarn Along time!
I have been working away at Aeneas.
The back is about 3/4 finished, I had to rip back about 7 inches today because I realized I had been decreasing incorrectly. A little irritating, but not an insurmountable problem. Did I mention how much I like knitting on size 10 needles?

The other day the Elder and I caught Ramona and Beezus on TV. I was such a fan of the Ramona books when I was little that I was reluctant to see the movie, but it was sweet.
The Elder loved it so we decided to start reading some Ramona books together.
Over the years I have lost my copies of the books, so I popped into the bookstore next to my work and picked up a few. I hadn't ever read Beezus and Ramona so we're discovering that together.
I'm also still reading Giant, but only in paragraphs here and there.
What are you knitting and reading lately?


  1. Your knitting is beautiful! I always grumble about having to rip out mistakes, but then I'm so glad that I did so as I see the project unfolding again, without the error.

    I'm glad to hear that the Ramona and Beezus movie is a sweet one -- I had wondered about it but, like you, I was hesitant -- it's always so disappointing when the movie version of a treasured book isn't true to the original or is just simply not a very good movie.

    Happy Knitting!

  2. I really hate having to rip out what I'm working on, but at least you were able to salvage your work! It's looking great, too!

    Did you ever watch the Ramona tv series when you were younger? I enjoyed seeing it and reading the books.

  3. Beautiful cables! I love size 10 needles too. It's so nice to see things moving along quickly.

  4. I loved the Ramona series when I was a little girl, too.

    I've yet to see the movie. Can't wait.

    Yes, knitting with size 10 needles is a wonderful thing.

  5. Love Ramona. My mom used to read them to me.
    Sweater looks great. I hate ripping out. Good luck.

  6. Oh it looks fabulous! I'm sorry you had to rip out, but I think it's worth it to get it right- if it were me I'd remember the mistake every time I wore it if I left the mistake in. Plus on 10s you re-gain those inches quickly. Great work!

  7. Seven inches of ripping is still something to grieve about! The color is so saturation, beautiful!! I love rediscovering books from my youth. Have fun going down memory lane!!

  8. Seven inches, ouch. The sweater is looking so gorgeous, though!
    I loved the Ramona books as a kid. I've tried to get my kids into them but they aren't are enthused as I am. Maybe in a year or two.

  9. Oh...I hate having to rip out and that is an awful amount considering the stitches. But it looks wonderful. Keep going.

  10. Your cables are beautiful, the wool really makes them pop. I hate ripping out knitting, but it has to be done sometimes, good for you doing it and carrying on again, it's that carrying on again that I always have problems with.

  11. wow. your sweater is really amazing. nicely done! (and i love your pledge to read the PRINTED word. awesome!)


  12. Wow, such a beautiful pattern. Reminds me of the ancient Celtics.

  13. How frustrating on the ripping out! I always kick myself when that happens. I'm impressed with the cables. They look great. For me they always sort of give me a headache when I knit them. Not a leisurely knit that is for sure!

    I used to love the Ramona books too! Maybe my daughter will enjoy them too one day.

  14. My goodness that cable work is amazing; and I love that colour. We have been collecting some Romona books for Ginger's future enjoyment - the schools around here are all disposing of them!