Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yarn Along

Hello out there!
It's time for Yarning Along with Ginny, and I have been super busy knit-wise this week.
I wasn't completely happy with the fronts of Aeneas, so I ripped them both out, re-charted and re-knitted them.
The fall season of classes is coming up at the Yarnery, and I have an intarsia scarf class planned for September, so I started the blue scarf there, but I needed my size 9 needles, so I had to finish up the front of the Mystic Pullover.
I had about an hour to myself today, so I pulled out my copy of So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
Such a great book! I have been a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy since I was a little girl and I watched the series on PBS, and this book is my favorite of the trilogy.
What's on your knitting and reading lists this week?


  1. Like the look of the red/rust number - pretty pattern.

  2. I really enjoy re-reading books that I've always loved, and yours is an excellent choice (my favourite of the trilogy too)

    Love the cables of your reddish triangle.

  3. Wow -- lots of knitting this week! I read the Douglas Adams books a long time ago (college, maybe?) and should pick them up again -- I remember that they were very, very funny and clever.

  4. Lots of knitting..yeah! Love the colors..


  5. Haven't read those books. I've always meant to but haven't yet. Maybe a trilogy for next summer? One of these days I need to sign up for one of your knitting classes!

  6. Wow- that's so much ripping out and reknitting on the Aeneas! Good for you tackling that, and I'm sure you'll be happier with the results.

  7. lol...just looking at three projects at once gives me anxiety! hopefully one day i will have full needles too, right now i will be lucky to get through the few projects i am hoping too...one at a time.


  8. I like all of your projects and I love your bravado in ripping out, I am like that too, if I do not like it I change it!