Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Post About This Blanket (for now)

I finished the blanket today.
It came off the loom yesterday, and I got a start on the fringing.
I went with a random stripe, usually I am a very concrete person, so this was a departure for me.
You can see in this photo that about 8 inches from the right-hand side of the blanket there is a pretty clear flaw.
When the Elder and I set up the warp we twisted two strands, and twisted they remained for the duration of the weaving process.
So, this morning I pulled those two threads out and re-wove them using a tapestry needle and now you can't see a thing!

I still have gobs of yarn left, so I think I may just make this snowsuit for the wee bairn and then she'll have a matching stroller ensemble.

When I decided to get weaving again I went to Interweave Press online and downloaded a couple of how-to e-books.
The next thing I want to try is some more challenging warp set-ups.
For this blanket I did a zig-zag twill weave; every 4 inches or so I just reversed the order of the pedals that I used.
One of the books I downloaded had really complicated-looking patterns that they swear can be accomplished by following a chart.
I may keep you all apprised of my progress as far as that goes, faithful readers.
I hope all is well with you out there.


  1. Such a lovely blanket. The diagonal lines look so cool. Snuggle up!

  2. you're already done !!
    the snowsuit & blanket will make a nice baby ensemble :)

  3. If I am reading your blog correctly, you made this in a week???? It is an amazing blanket on its own, but a week? That is crazy amazing.

  4. Weaving is so fast! The set-up is lengthy, but the payoff is so satisfying :)

  5. This is super beautiful, Jess!

    I love you & Miss you, crafty crafty sister!

    ~ Donna