Monday, January 23, 2012

A Weaving Project

Well, it all started about 3 years ago at a stash swap at the Yarnery. 
I got a bag of Sierra from a co-worker and while I did use a ball or so in a project for Christmas 2010, the majority of it was still sitting in my basement waiting to realize its destiny.

The other month I had a visit from my friend Susan who loaned me the amazing, beautiful, floor loom that I have had in my basement for over a year, and she suggested that I weave a blanket from the Sierra.
Saturday, I finally got down to it and brought out the warping board. I spent some time setting up the loom yesterday and this morning I have made an actual start on a blanket. 

I think this will be for the baby, but it might just end up on the couch (it's chilly up here you know).


  1. cool project ~ you're so multi-talented !

  2. I still love the scarf you made me that year for Christmas. Best colors ever!