Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This season has been all about the cables and the red yarn for me.
I didn't quite realize it until this morning, when I was considering the next step on my current red sweater.
I made these slippers for my mom for Christmas, they were a super quick knit, and so satisfying! I may have to make some for myself as well.
Add these two projects to the sweater that I finished up just in time for Christmas Eve, and that's a lot of red cables.
Also, there is a lot of baby in this photo.
We've reached Trimester #3 and I am feeling fine. She's moving all the time, and even kicks the kids occasionally when they're on my lap, which leads to no end of giggling.


  1. the frame on your mirror matches your cute baby bump :)
    I'm sure you totally planned that one :)
    I'm amazed by all the cables !!!

  2. There is a lot of beautiful baby there! So glad to hear that things are going well.
    That is also a beautiful sweater.
    Happy New Year!

  3. are looking sooooooo pregnant!! and sosososo good!! hope you continue to feel great. xx

    happy new year to you!

  4. So great that you can wear your sweater pregnant; I'm having to wait to wear some of my things until the baby joins us. Glad you're feeling great!