Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Paint it Out, vol. 2

When we moved in and saw the state of these stairs, we said we'd live with the scuffs, and old carpet adhesive for a little while, but eventually we would have to do something.
It's been over eleven years, and in that time I did manage to remove the carpet staples, but the stairs were just as shabby looking. 
So, I took a two-step approach to this one, and stained the treads.
Which made them look pretty nice, and then, with the help of another superstar friend, I sanded and painted the risers.
Which, in my opinion, looks dynamite.
Yet another project which took 3 days, and eleven years.


Mary Ann Dailey said...

Maybe you won't move after all, after all your effort to beautify your home!

Jess said...

There is still the small matter of The Youngest sleeping in a closet, but I am finding that I do love this home of ours.

Meredith said...

So beautiful!