Monday, July 13, 2015

Staging Obsession

In between lots and lots of painting and cleaning and packing to get ready for the move, I have been obsessing about certain corners of the house. 
I've been documenting as I go, since I'll have to take these rooms apart to refinish the floors. 

I'm finding it very relaxing to shift around the knick knacks and books until it feels balanced in weight and color. 
With the living room we moved out our dining room table and shifted around the furniture to showcase the open floor plan.
Then I moved the guitar out from the gap between the piano and the wall and put it on a stand. Also. The piano was overly cluttered, so I pared that down too.
Hmmm, don't like the strap hanging out, and not in love with the color on the ottoman.
Now, I need to get fluffier pillow inserts for the couch cushions, and recover the ottoman again. The white was a huge mistake it was filthy inside one day. I do love the large pattern on the fabric, I may see how the fabric fares in the washing machine. If it comes out looking okay I'll be sure to scotch guard it before I put it out again.
What's on your to-do list today? 

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