Monday, January 5, 2009


I made a sweater while I was awaiting the younger Hug-a-Bug's birth, three years ago tomorrow.
My little friend was a week overdue, and I had some stash yarn so I threw together a schmata using a Knitting Pure and Simple sweater pattern for the numbers, and I added a hood and a pocket and made it a cardigan.
It served me well for a couple of years, but it was really big.
I mean big.
Too long in the sleeves, too big in the shoulders, floppy, schmata, big.

So, I decided to felt the sweater to see if I would like it better.
I do.
I added a little embroidery to the pocket, and I have a very warm jacket-like garment that will be great for the early spring.
I felted this down about 2 months ago, and I haven't touched it since, but in the spirit of finishing projects I took it out yesterday.
When will I realize that procrastination is not always the way?
The whole of the project took about a half an hour, including replacing a missing button and embroidering the pocket.

I hope I can keep this momentum going, I haven't even begun to assess the fabric stash situation...

I wish you peace and happiness and industrious energy, if that all is compatible,

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