Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chloe Chomplete

We had a free night at Mamas of the Craft last night, and to make it extra fun we started with some yoga.
The tape we were using was paced a little too fast for me, so I dropped out, sad to say, but I did get a lot done with my Chloe doll.In fact, she is finished.
I had a shoe to sew together and a snap and button to put in and, despite some very yummy wine, I got both of those things accomplished.

Now I look at it, the button is a little purple for the dress, but it is under the hair so you don't really see it.
All that is left for this swap is to make a tiny rocket for a 4 month-old, and I can send it off.
I think I need a bunch more of these girls.
The pattern was easy-peasy and she is so cute!
Next on the list is Kit.
Have a relaxing weekend!


  1. Jess,

    I don't understand the face of your little doll. Does she have freckles, or an alien nose?

    I do like her, though. It reminds me of the doll mom had made for me, Honey. She had cannibalized a clown doll into a little woman.

    Thanks for calling me a few days ago!

    Love you! Donna

  2. Brian doesn't like the nose either.
    He sees the freckles as a nose, the nose as an angry mouth and the mouth as a chin.
    Maybe I should take out the freckles...

  3. Hi there Jess,
    I hope it doesn't upset you, but I agree with Brian (is that your husband?)about her little face. If her mouth was higher, and more smiley perhaps..
    I LOVE her hair - how have you stitched it on?
    ~Sonya (in Australia)