Sunday, January 18, 2009

Swapping part 2

I have finished the primary work on a doll for the Celebrating Handmade: The Swap.
I am using the Kit, Chloe & Louise pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.Hillary's patterns are really easy to follow and thorough.
I got this little lady (mostly) finished in a day.
Her face is a little wonky, which is pretty good for me, since they're usually really wonky, but I think I will reserve judgement of my own work until I have the hair on.
Now to find the right hair color in my stash.
Have a great Sunday,


  1. She looks sweet. A soft doll is on my list of projects for this year. Shop-bought ones don't appeal to our girls (or to their mum), so maybe a homemade one will?

    I've joined the toy swap too, and it's my first one! I'm looking forward to it.


    Thanks for your help yesterday! I used the cable needle and figured out the magic loop.

  3. Wasn't Hillary's pattern super easy to follow? I enjoyed making this doll too. Sewing the hair on was my biggest challenge, I had never sewn on yarn hair before. Your doll looks great!