Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lynne posted a list of goals to accomplish by her next birthday a little while ago and number 8 on the list was to learn the first page of Clair de Lune.
I have been thinking about that since I read it, and I have decided to adopt that as a personal goal as well.
I got the sheet music last night, and I am well on my way through the first 9 (pause for dramatic effect) measures.
That Debussy knew his stuff.
I have confidence that by July I will be able to accomplish the entire first page, maybe even the second page, as the scary arpeggios don't start until the bottom of page two.
I have a deadline with a scarf project so I shouldn't even be thinking about this, I am off to the needles...


  1. Isn't that the song the girl in The Bad Seed would practice over and over? haha 8-)

  2. I think that was Fur Elise.
    I guess I should hide the tap shoes just in case...