Thursday, January 22, 2009


As some of you know, I am a member of a small choral group.
Our season begins in February and I wanted to share a little about our group and encourage you all to come to one or more of our concerts.

The mission of Caritas Vocal Ensemble (formerly known as Sacred Voice) is giving benefit concerts for organizations which specialize in offering basic human services - clothing, shelter, health care, help for children in need.
Every year we give 4-6 concerts each for the benefit of a different organization.
This year we plan to give concerts to benefit Parish Nursing, Meals on Wheels, Arc Retreat Center and Southern Anoka County Community Assistance.

Our first concert this year will be for the benefit of Caritas itself.
It is on February 22 at Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer in Minneapolis.

This is my 3rd year with the group and I have had a great time singing with them.
The repertoire this year is both exciting and varied.
We are singing music from Mexico, Ukraine and Georgia (the country), composers from France, Brazil, Canada, Italy and the US.

I do have to say that singing in other languages is really fun for me.
My husband told me that he is impressed that I can pronounce many languages, even though I don't really speak much more than English.

Anyway, I just wanted to give Caritas a little publicity.
We are really nice people, and if I do say so, we are pretty good at singing together.

See you all there in person or in spirit,

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