Saturday, January 3, 2009

Knitting works in progress.

This year I hereby make a resolution, not a big or important one, just this; to make a more consistent record of my knitting projects.

I have this bin that I keep in the basement-and it is, clearly, full of stuff.
I also resolve to finish the stuff in here by the end of the year.
Most of the projects in here I have on hold for the Elder Hug-a-Bug.
Some are begun and some are still in the planning stages.
We have a stash swap coming up at the Yarnery, and I will probably let some of this go for that.
I opened this bin yesterday and found a vest that I have had in progress for easily 6 years.
I pulled it out and finished the knitting last night:The yarn is Silk Garden from Noro, and I loved working with it.
I think I put it away because there was some problem with the way I decreased the front edges, but I decided that I would never finish if I worried about every little thing, so I just finished it up.
I found a perfect button in my disgustingly large button collection and sewed it together this morning.
Overall, I am pleased.
I was very careful to match the stripes on the fronts, before I decided to let go of the little things, and I am glad that I didn't have to think about it this time around.
Here ends completed knitting project #1 for 2009.


  1. Kudos, Jess!

    p.s. Very much coveting a designated crafting space. How lucky are you!

  2. Love the vest - way to let go and get it done! My (knitterly) resolution this year is to knit mainly from my stash only. Notice I said "mainly."

  3. Beautiful colors. I have a stash you can make some progress on too...

  4. I think the vest came out beautifully. Good luck with your resolutions. One stitch at a time I guess!