Saturday, January 10, 2009


Last night the Mamas of the Craft made fruit-infused liquers.
So easy, and, if my friend's already made examples are any indication, super yummy.
The basic recipe is this-
cut up some fruit, or leave it whole, and put into a jar
dump some sugar in
pour in the cheapest vodka you can find, in a glass bottle, to cover the fruit and sugar
leave in your basement for 1-12 months, shaking occasionally
I made plum, lime and pear.
Remind me, and on the first day of summer I'll break these out and see what we have.

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Yes - I shall now be making some this very weekend. That's a date :o)

    Hiya there Jess,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I looove yours and would love to follow along for a while. We seem to shall some interests. Cheers,
    ~ Sonya