Friday, January 30, 2009

random things

First of all, thanks so much for your encouraging comments about Chloe.
I always appreciate your comments!

Second, yesterday the Elder Hug-a-Bug put up posters to announce her season of plays.

Snow White

Beauty and the Beast
Little Red Riding Hood
and Sleeping Beauty
This morning the sunrise was terrific, as usual, and I finally remembered to take along my camera to school.
I think today is the day for the Annie and the Wild Animals sweater. Only one sleeve left.
I should have made the sleeves first, as I realized yesterday.
If I had picked up the sleeve and knit down as I had planned, the lice stitches would have been upside down. Duh.
Good thing I like Kitchener.
I just did my list of 25 random things on facebook and now I am hooked on non-sequitors.
I like ice cream.


  1. I love the way Sleeping Beauty is laying down, love Jan Brett and having sweaters to match, love non-sequitors inspired by facebook, and just ate a cookie.
    I'll be sending you something soon as part of the charm square swap!
    Till then,

  2. I just love your little one's drawings - so sweet!

  3. I Love the sleeping beauty poster! I hear you on the 25 random things on facebook. I like sweet tart jelly beans.