Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I said that one resolution for the new year was that I would knit down my stash.
Well, we had a stash swap at work and I left the store with the yarn for two sweaters.I picked out this pattern already for the Yorkshire Tweed Aran.
Do I already have a sweater in this yarn and in this color? Am I wearing it right now? the answer to both of those questions is yes.
Will that stop me? no.

Then, I got a very generous gift certificate to the store for my work in the Yarnery Family Singers.
Along with the lovely Christmas gift from the wonderful Yarnery managers I ended up with the yarn for two more sweaters.I am planning on re-knitting the Tangled Yoke.
I knit it once before, but it was in fact not at all the right size for me.
I gave it to my dear friend Sarah. I hear that she wears it all the time.

Now, the thing about my stash is that it is primarily single balls here or there of worsted wool.
Now I have actual sweater amounts of stuff I am feeling a little better about the stash.

One dilemma still remains.
Should I use my 13 Mile fantastic green organic wool for cables or fair isle?
Some of my single ball stash is left over Rowanspun DK that I used in my Eastlake sweater and odds and ends of more colors of Rowanspun and a couple of colors of 13 mile.
I think I have enough of these odd balls to make a stripey cardigan with these colors, or I could use the new 13 mile for the body color and use the odd balls in a fair isle yoke.

The green looks really grey here but it is much nicer in person.

That stuff may have to marinate, as they say.

I have made some considerable progress on the Annie and the Wild Animals Sweater, I am finishing up the neck and then all I have are sleeves.
Pics tomorrow, I think, the sun has been down for some time.
Have a lovely night.


  1. she does... she does wear it alot and some day she will have pictures to prove it... in fact, it is sitting on her living room chair right now for the in case moment of coldness that she has been known to have from time to time.

  2. Oooh, look at all the lovely yarny goodness! I'm totally in the mood to attack the stash, especially the single skeins of yarn that languish in my closet. And I can't wait to see the Annie and the Wild Animals sweater! I picked up that book from the store the other day with a gift certificate leftover from Christmas; we read it every night.

  3. whoooooo-eeeee! nice stash. all of it is beautiful, and i cannot wait to see what you make!

  4. That yarn looks so cozy that, were it in my house, I might just curl up with it as is... much easier than learning to knit!