Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Random Wednesday

These past two weeks in our new house have been relatively great. The workers have all finished their projects: 
 We have a new boiler, a new window after the sattelite guy broke it installing our tv service and now we also have tv.
The big kids have settled in to their respective schools, and we had our traditional first week of school ice cream trip.
The weather has been alternatively rainy and gorgeous and we were able to soak up a perfect day on Monday at the river. 

The next thing on my agenda is to unpack my sewing/knitting studio. 
Hopefully I can get in some dedicated time tomorrow to that end. 
I hope to get back into the swing of regular posting soon, this is the most consistent I have ever been at any journaling and I miss coming to this space when I'm away.

Friday, September 11, 2015

New House

Last Friday we made the big shift to our new house.
On Thursday we filled up our moving truck and also had a school goal-setting conference for The Elder who is Middle School bound. Then on Friday we finished up clearing out, closed the sale of our house and then closed the sale on our new house!
We had a little time in between for some decompressing by one of Minneapolis' beautiful lakefronts,
and then afterwards we went to the new house and got to work.
For the next three days we rose at 5 and worked on unpacking until 10-12 PM.
The Hubby and I are still quite sore, and I have crazy bruises from bonking into unfamiliar walls and furniture placement.
It's been a few days now and we're settling into our preferred spaces.
The sewing room is a total disaster, but the rest of the spaces are pretty much as I envisioned them.
The sun room/play room -

Kitchen -
Living Room -

Yard -

The other day my Mom came over and we attended to the back end of the garden.
We're up on a hill, and the yard slopes down to the alleyway.
There are a bunch of trees and shrubs and vines and retaining wall pieces; it's all quite a jumble.
Mom suggested that the best thing was to build a little barrier so that The Youngest and her friends aren't tempted to do any impromptu exploring.
We also have an adorable shed, which isn't very child-friendly at the moment, that I can see becoming a perfect little play house, or dare I hope to dream of a she-shed?

Our house is on a nice, quiet street (which will be nicer and quieter after the major road construction a block south is finished...) and there are lots of kids and some lovely families that I have met already.
In fact, The Elder was finished with her screen quotient yesterday and was borderline moping in the living room. I asked her to go spend some time outside, see if any kids were out.
She told me that you can't just make friends by knocking on doors, and not one minute later there was a knock on the front door and a group of neighborhood kids were there asking to play.
What a dream.