Friday, December 2, 2016

Tomten/Nisser/Gnomes/Forest Folk

Earlier this week my mom and I took a trip to the Bachman's Idea House (our favorite destination for decorating ideas) and saw an adorable tomten ornament. 
I figured they would be easy enough to make, and it wouldn't cost me $8.99 each.
First I grabbed a branch from my back yard and cut it into about 3 inch lengths, then I assembled the rest of my tools and materials. 

First, I pushed a nail through the center of a half-yard length of ribbon and then nailed into the top of the branch segments. Next, I threaded on a large wooden bead.
This was a step ably performed by my faithful assistant.
Next I tied a length of freshly combed wool roving with the ribbon for the beard.
Then came lots of braiding, and more braiding and finally a little hat.
The Youngest made her own (I did the nailing and tied two knots, but she attached the hair and sewed her own hat!) and she decided that since this one was a princess she would need a pink hat.
As a secular Presbyterian, I usually go for the winter-themed in Christmas ornaments rather than the religious ones and these fit the bill perfectly.
The best part of this is that I had all the materials on hand, so they were all free! (okay, I know I bought those materials but not for this project, so I stand by my earlier statement.)
Hope you're all doing well out there in internetland.