Monday, November 30, 2015

A Welcome Distraction

So, Saturday morning I saw a message on our neighborhood email list that there was a free dollhouse available.
It just so happens that The Youngest asked for a dollhouse for Christmas, so I said yes!
I ran over to get it (I had been warned that we'd need two people to carry it, so I brought the Hubby along) and was a little super excited when I saw this-

I had also been warned that it needed a little love, which wasn't an exaggeration.
There was a broken tread on the stairs, so I pulled it out and used some veneer I had lying around to build a new one.

The actual bricks on the chimneys look pretty rough,

so I went to Michael's and grabbed some Sculpey to make some new bricks.
I did look in at the hobby shop for some pre-made bricks, but their selection of doll house stuff was, frankly, terrible. It was more of a miniature railroad type of a place...

I also got a pad of scrapbook paper for rugs and wallpaper.
(I like this one the best)

Now I need to get some paint, the all over gray look isn't quite doing it for me.

There are 4 weeks until Christmas, but I also have four Christmas stockings to knit, so the hours are looking awfully limited.

After all the practice we got painting everything in our last house, the Hubby got to be really good at it, we can collaborate on that piece of the puzzle.

I know for sure that this kind project is just a distraction from the horrible things going on all around. I weep for the people lost and injured in the past few weeks all over the world to terrorism. We have white supremacists attacking protesters here in town (who were themselves protesting the death of another unarmed black citizen at the hands of police), the attacks on Paris, Colorado. I don't know how to offer any help out there, so I will, instead, remodel a tiny house. Something I can easily control, and that will bring joy to my daughter.

Be safe, be kind, be well

Monday, November 9, 2015


Was it a reaction against the violence of The Walking Dead last night? Perhaps.
I must give Meg idea credit. I was so inspired by her beautiful painting of her daughter that she posted last week.
Whatever the motivation, I started this sketch of The Youngest last night.
She saw it this morning and requested a puppy on her shirt.
It's still a little rough, I haven't decided on the background yet.
When I draw I usually get bogged down in the details, so this time I'm wondering whether to leave the background a wash of color.
My next step (which feels a little like cheating) is to make some copies and experiment with the background.
The Youngest decided that she needs to be the one to paint it, so she'll get a few copies for herself.
Update -

The Youngest did a great job on her portrait. The bar has been set very high...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Trip to the Forest

As much as I like to think that we made an instant and seamless transition to our new house, I haven't really felt like doing much more than nesting for a while. 
It hasn't been all that helpful that we've been in workerland for a while. 
Last week it was a plumber (for preventative maintenance) and a tree crew taking down a nearly hollow apple tree.
This week, however, we've been getting out almost every day. 
The weather is truly un-November-like and, though I feel nervous for the future of the planet, I am loving the sun and the blue skies.
Monday we visited a new park in a neighboring city - Reservoir Woods.
It was our first visit, but not our last.
There were lots of opportunities for climbing and building and swinging. 
We went with a crowd of pre-schoolers, and there was some great imaginative play going on.

This grumpy face was that we had to leave.
I felt similarly, we'll definitely be back soon.