Saturday, February 24, 2018


It's been a long while since I had the mental capacity to blog, and I have missed it!
Back in August I started my first full-time job since The Eldest was born, and while it's pretty awesome I am exhausted when I get home.

I haven't had much time or energy for much crafting time either, but I did manage to sneak in a minute or two here and there to start a silly project for The Youngest.
We have a history in our family with the book Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett.
When The Eldest was about 5, I made her a matching sweater to the titular Annie.

When I pulled out the sweater for The Youngest to try, it had been ravaged by time and wasn't really functional anymore. 

So, I asked The Youngest if she'd like a new one, and she asked me if I would make her the entire outfit. 
So far I have finished the Sweater and most of the boots.

 The overalls are cut out, and I think I will have time tomorrow to get those sewn up.
Since The Elder and The Younger are super grown-up now they no longer ask for knitted items from their old mama, but as long as The Youngest still asks I will do my best to comply.