Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sewing on a Thursday Afternoon

Mama? I want to make something with my own hands.

Perfect for Skystorm the Panda.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Day in the Woods

It was an absolutely perfect day for visiting the river, and running through the woods with a friend.

And, also telling pirate stories.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Finshed! (Except for Maybe Some Pockets)

I bit the bullet and bought a couple of extra skeins of Berocco Vintage Chunky to finish up the sweater for The Youngest.
If the dyelot was overly different I could have been okay with using it on the button bands, and I would just have used the contrast variegated yarn to finish the sleeves.
However, miraculously, the new dyelot was a pretty great match.
So, now I have some extra yarn and I thinpk the sweater wouldn't suffer from a couple of pockets.

It did turn out pretty cute, if I do say so.
I ran out to the fabric store and my friend Rebecca helped me choose the perfect buttons.

There are a couple of finishing touches that may or may not happen. 
Every butterfly needs antennae. I added some to the bottom row of butterflies, but I don't know if I have the stamina for the entire yoke. 
Then I also was thinking about adding pockets, because what self-respecting 3 going on 4 year old can go without pockets?
That's a project for tomorrow, though. 
Sleep well out there, I'm 'bout to hit the hay.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Well, blurgh

I got an itch last Friday to knit something. I took The Youngest to the zoo and grabbed a couple of balls of stash yarn and my copy of Knitting with Icelandic Wool as we ran out the door.
I purchased the purple for a sweater for The Eldest when she was 8 and so I figured I had enough for a sweater for The Youngest who is still (for another couple weeks , anyway) 3 years old. I chose a variegated yarn to knit the yoke, It's been thinking about making a sweater with multicolored yoke for a while and this seemed like a good time to try it out.
I chose this sweet sweater, and the knitting went really fast. By the end of the day I had most of the yoke finished.

So there I was cooking along and today I came to the realization that I must have lost a ball of the purple yarn during our move.
There's no way I am going to finish the second sleeve, let alone any neck or button bands.
I made a size bigger than she needs, since it's almost Spring here in the frozen North and a bulky cardi isn't going to get much use. So, now I have three options going forward.
1. Rip out the whole sweater and reknit it a little smaller and hope that I can eke out the button bands with what I gain in yardage.
2. Work the button bands and collar in the variegated yarn, of which I have plenty. I don't love this choice, there is so much color in the yoke I think it'd be overkill to make all of the borders so bright.
3. Look around for a matching color of the yarn (*update: which is Vintage Chunky [I think] I didn't keep a ball band because I'm a dope) and finish up what I started. This is the least likely to work, since I bought the yarn 4 years ago.
I guess the best thing is to go to bed and let this lie for the night.
What would you do?