Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Catching Up

December was a kind of blur.
There were 9 concerts (seven sung, one conducted, one facilitated with 20 piano students), one radio appearance (with The Singers), 1 dollhouse rehabbed, 10 Christmas stockings, half a mitten and a hat knitted, one birthday party (12 years old on 12/12, we celebrated with a dozen sprays of roses, and a dozen donuts)

One long-overdue Christmas present of a back porch mural at my parents' house.

 Two Christmas Eve services, between which we had a little pre-Christmas gifting.

Christmas morning, and lots of family time.

A terrifying performance of Mozart's Laudamus Te at church (morning service, woke up with the sneezies, low A, high C, what could go wrong? It was actually fine, but I was pretty nervous about it!)
And as a capper on it all, I am teaching two kids' sewing camps this week.
I'm so very lucky to be surrounded by art and music and loved ones, I wish the same for you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Home Improvements, Continued

After a week of knitting stockings I finally had some time to work on my little house today.
First I gave everything a quick coat of paint, there was some very 1980s wallpaper in some of the rooms, and the others were mere primed, so they needed some sprucing up.
Then I took scrapbook paper and wallpapered the walls and a couple of the floors.
Yesterday, I saw some cool puck lights that operate wirelessly to a remote, but they were out of them when I went back to Target this morning.
Then, I saw these and I knew they'd work perfectly.

I hot-glued them in place, and it seems to be working so far.

Once the interior was finished I started on the furniture.
I had a pack of balsa pieces from Michael's, and I built this quick sofa with three pieces and some hot glue.

Next I made some futon-like cushions with some batting and some fabric scraps.
I will admit to hot-gluing those too. I was on a roll...
I made a couple of beds too, but didn't get a photo, apparently.

It was so fun wallpapering these tiny rooms. They're not perfect, but The Youngest won't really care.
We got a family of dolls from Lakeshore Learning, and I think we're almost done.
I saw a tutorial for dollhouse decor that included printing out appliances for the kitchen walls, and I will say that I am tempted, but I think I'll refrain from any further fussing with the house.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Home Improvements

Well, the house has been calling me in the late hours of the evening.
Last night I painted the bulk of the exterior.

There are still a few spots that need some touch up. Also, I don't know how I am going to wash those windows from the inside, those rooms are really deep. 
The chimneys need some attention; many of the bricks have fallen off and the side of this chimney was the worst. I removed the remaining bricks from this section and I'll use them for patches elsewhere. I went to Michaels and picked up some sculpey to make one big patch, but the colors weren't right so I got some help at the local art shop and came back and got to work.
First, I found some furniture pads that were about the same width of the original bricks, and rolled out the sculpey between them so it all came out the same width.

Then I evened up the edges, and added in lines with my high-tech tools a ruler and a butter knife.
Since the bricks are a little uneven on the house, I didn't worry too much about keeping them perfect.
I baked the sculpey, and once it cooled I painted it and I am pretty pleased with it, It's a little darker than the original bricks but way better than the hot pink.
I tried to hot glue the patch into place, but it was just too cold in my basement, so I used some other super stinky adhesive, and then you have to hold it in place with tape.
Now, we wait...
I'm trying not to become obsessed with this project, but it's pretty fun!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Photo Shoot

This morning in my Wednesday Job we did a little photo shoot with the kids.
We like to have a group shot for the kiddos for Christmas.
I got a couple of keepers of The Youngest, I love my new camera so far.

In other news, she got a haircut. I can't decide if I love it, but she certainly does.
Be safe out there, all you wonderful people.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Prep

I got a stocking order last week for a friend's family. All of them were to have the same background pattern and then personalized tops. As it happened, I had a whirlwind trip to Chicago this weekend with The Singers MCA, which included 12 hours of bus riding. Since I wanted to maximize my productivity, I worked on all three in a long tube. I worked the foot portion and added in holder yarn for an afterthought heel, then when I had enough length I broke the yarn and worked one row of extra yarn so I could come back later and work the remainder of the stocking. 
(Christmas came early, I got a new camera, but I hit a snag. Funny story: we have two usb ports on the computer, but I need the camera, the mouse and the Wi-Fi connections to upload photos... I'll put my tech support on it when he gets home) 

 Once I got home I pulled out the extra yarn and was able to knit the toe and heel. Then I added the mushrooms (so sweet) and the name (which is hidden, lest the recipient is reading) and a loop for hanging.
 (The Wiz was a perfect accompaniment to knitting)
One down, two to go.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


So many ends to weave in.
Otherwise entitled - How I Spent My Tuesday Evening