Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Home Improvements, Continued

After a week of knitting stockings I finally had some time to work on my little house today.
First I gave everything a quick coat of paint, there was some very 1980s wallpaper in some of the rooms, and the others were mere primed, so they needed some sprucing up.
Then I took scrapbook paper and wallpapered the walls and a couple of the floors.
Yesterday, I saw some cool puck lights that operate wirelessly to a remote, but they were out of them when I went back to Target this morning.
Then, I saw these and I knew they'd work perfectly.

I hot-glued them in place, and it seems to be working so far.

Once the interior was finished I started on the furniture.
I had a pack of balsa pieces from Michael's, and I built this quick sofa with three pieces and some hot glue.

Next I made some futon-like cushions with some batting and some fabric scraps.
I will admit to hot-gluing those too. I was on a roll...
I made a couple of beds too, but didn't get a photo, apparently.

It was so fun wallpapering these tiny rooms. They're not perfect, but The Youngest won't really care.
We got a family of dolls from Lakeshore Learning, and I think we're almost done.
I saw a tutorial for dollhouse decor that included printing out appliances for the kitchen walls, and I will say that I am tempted, but I think I'll refrain from any further fussing with the house.


  1. Your little house is gorgeous - I'm sure it will be well loved.

  2. I read the first paragraph thinking you were talking about your actual house and wondering how on earth you had time to do all of these things!

  3. The grampa in socks and sandals is great!

  4. Mary Lou, that's my very favorite part!