Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Not to brag or anything, but I, with the help of the kids and my mom, got a lot done today!

We decorated the front porch with Halloween pictures,

Dug out the goop from two pumpkins,

did the dishes, covered two chair seats, that one was with the help of my mom, and now I am getting ready to feed the fam a from-scratch pizza. And we went to the Gym this morning.

And then on my way to work, I was presented with this view-

Not that the view has anything to do with my productivity, it was just a lovely way to continue my great day!
I always type with exclamation points, I wonder if I speak with them...
probably an unanswerable question.

And then to finish it off right, I had a great group of ladies in the knitting class that began today.

I bet I lay in a heap all the rest of the week, but today was worth it!
Hope you all had a great day too,


  1. I love your sweet sun porch. And the view is amazing. Is this the view from your house?

  2. I wish that was our view!
    We live about 6 blocks from that view of the Mississippi River.

  3. I have visited St. Paul a few times, my aunt lives there. IT is one of my favorite places (even in Jan). I adore how there are no backyard fences and people are so kind.

    Jen in California