Sunday, March 2, 2008


It has been said by me that the best musical ever written is about a mass murderer who feeds his victims to unsuspecting pie-shop patrons.
This fact is, in fact, indisputible.
I have to say that my second favorite musical play is also somewhat darkly themed.
Governmental restructuring, war, incest, adultery - Yes, I am talking about Camelot.
I have been thinking about Camelot all day today, and I'll tell you why;

The winter is forbidden 'til December
And exits March the second on the dot.
By order Summer lingers 'til September
In Camelot

We have had a rainy day.
I am choosing to see it as more of an early spring somewhat chilly rain rather than a late winter freezing rain.

I choose to think that I, through my optimism, have great influence over the weather.
Hooray for Spring!


  1. HELLO JESSICA! My dad's favorite musical is "Camelot." His favorite part is signing along at the top of his lungs... "C'est Moi!"

  2. Jess: The photo in your blog header is so beautiful. I love the composition and the muted colors. I think that would make fabulous artwork if you blew it up to a gigantic size. It would match my living room!

  3. Thanks Melissa!
    I'll e-mail the photo to you if you like...

  4. And to you, Anonymous...
    I hope that your little brown man is doing well.
    My favorite part of Camelot is "The Lusty Month of May."
    I play it every May 1st.