Monday, July 28, 2008

Hoppy Birthday

I found out this evening that today is Beatrix Potter's birthday.
This was a little surprising to me, since this afternoon I had an uncontrollable urge to make a quilt using a panel meant to become a fabric book of Beatrix Potter artwork.

The urge was so strong that even though I am in the middle of a new sweater project,and have no need for a quilt, I had to finish putting the top together before I left for work at Treadle so I could pick out trim tonight.
I did find trim, and obviously the spirit of Beatrix was watching over me because the trim matches perfectly.
The sweater is Cottage Creations Babies and Bears for a friend who is expecting a new family member any day.
The yarn is Smart, and I don't know if I have quite enough, but, as the sweater is made from the cuffs inward, I have the option of making a contrasting stripe down the back.
I also have some garden news; The Elder Hug-a-Bug found a large piece of bark that had fallen off of our backyard Silver Maple, and we built a fairy house from it. She really wants to find something for a cradle, as we just read Thumbelina and she likes the idea of a tiny cradle with a rose-petal coverlet. As it is, we have stone beds with leaves for blankets.
So far, the squirrels have left the house alone, and so now we are just waiting to see some pixie dust.

Have a magical evening,


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that E now knows what a rocket ship says. pkoooooooo and a point to the sky. :)
    And I love the elder hug a bug's fairy house! that is so cute!