Sunday, February 1, 2009

Annie and the Wild Animals is complete!

I finished it last night.
I did have one last hiccup before it was totally finished.
I put the sleeves on and when the Elder Hug-a-Bug tried it on it became clear that the sleeves were too short.
So, I pulled out the kitchener, added about an inch and a half to both sleeves and re-kitchenered them.
Now it fits perfectly, but she says it's itchy.
Maybe she won't mind if she's wearing it out in the snow, feeding corn cakes to moose.
Have a restful Sunday night,


  1. Nicely done - what a lucky Bug!

  2. It looks great! I hope the itchy won't be a problem because this sweater rocks.

    And I love the posters advertising her theatrical season. She and her sweater both rock!

  3. It's beautiful! What patience with your adding inches!

  4. Wow, you're amazing! I love the sweater, it's just so sweet. Nice job!

  5. wow, that was fast! it looks wonderful!

  6. Oooh,very nice! I can crochet fairly well, but my knitting gene came from my mum, unfortunately. She once (ONCE!) knitted me a jumper, and was sensible enough to make it 4 sizes too big, so that by the time it was finished, I had grown into it! ~ha,ha
    Anyhoo, ma is great at other things, so we had a laugh about it :o)