Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is my 400th post.
I am really enjoying this blog thing, and I appreciate all of you lovely folks out there who come and share this space with me.
A pretty relaxed day today, a visit to the Science Museum, lots of time with the kids and a new car.
Oh yeah, about that last one; the older of our two old cars died yesterday and so we spent the afternoon at the dealership buying a new (to us) car.
Lots of snow here still. Here are some shots of the Mississippi that I got today while at the museum.If you squint really hard you can see just about where the fifth lamp is, all the way at the top of the bridge.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me,


  1. happy 400! it's been fun getting to know you! looking forward to a summer bike ride along the river soon...

  2. Happy 400 Jess . I love to catch up in this way .

  3. Congratulations! And keep the stories coming!