Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Help Needed

Hi Friends,
I am about to leave for my first camping trip since I was 12, and I don't know the first thing, beyond pancakes and li'l smokies, about what one cooks while at a campfire.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I plan to take along our cast iron skillet.
Thanks in advance,


  1. Call Andy. He is camp cook extraordinaire.

  2. Of course, Dana's correct about Andy, but here's my shot:

    cous cous
    noodles and tuna fish
    peanut butter in wraps
    chocolate (hee hee)
    apples, but not bananas (get mooshy fast)
    eggs and veggies
    bacon is very yummy cooked over a fire

    Hmmm--there are lots of good websites. You can borrow our dutch oven if you want to get elaborate. . .

  3. I liked cooking in foil packets - no cookware necessary! My fave: salmon filets with leeks, green beans, potatoes (I think I parcooked the beans and potatoes before trip) with a soy/lemon/dill marinade. Well, really there's no sitting around in the liquid - just toss the veg and sauce together, divide into lightly greased foil sheets atop the fish, fold up tight, and cook over the fire. Each camper gets their own aluminum pillow of yum.

  4. We always brought a Coleman stove and cooked that way.
    For the fire...cut a banana length wise with the peel on, put chocolate chips inside, wrap it all in tin foil, warm it up and yum!
    Have fun!

  5. Hobo dinner. Meat/potatoes/carrots, etc. in foil like Angie said.

  6. I am not an experienced camper, but there are many restaurants, grills, etc. in Yellowstone if you need a back up. :-) They range from super casual to nice sit-down, and they weren't outrageously expensive. Where are you camping!

  7. Hobo dinner is GREAT! packing a little hot sauce is nice.
    Second on the coleman stove.
    We bring some food items frozen in the cooler. It helps keep the cooler cool, less ice needed. We are huge fans of skillet chili, nice because it's canned stuff (don't forget the can opener, we did once!)- with tortillas and cheese. Nummy!
    You can make noodles at home (a little al dente) and mix them into spaghetti sauce to heat up. Saves the boiling, and a dish.
    Have fun, and have a s'more or one of those delicious sounding bananas for me!

  8. Thanks All!
    I knew this was the place to ask.
    We're camping on the western side of Lake Yellowstone, and we're super excited!
    I am going to make a grocery list from this comment stream, and we'll eat like kings!

  9. bring a phone number for a local hotel.... kidding, no idea,haven't camped for year, but have fun!

  10. Am I too late? I have a camping cookbook if you want to borrow it. Banana boat idea is good for dessert, we used to do that but also add mini marshmallows with the chocolate chips, foil packet cooking is good, we always do cous cous, ramen is an excellent backup, pancakes or instant oatmeal for breakfast. We always bring a cook stove too. Cooking over the fire is much more of a challenge. Bisquick is great for a number of dishes from the pancakes to making a dough to wrap around hotdogs on a stick. Make sure you have something to boil water in.